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This is a new summer institute designed to engage high school biology teachers in AP biology laboratory modules during a five day program at Stanford University (July 22-26, 2013).

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During the institute, teachers will engage in innovative AP Biology lab modules in the areas of Bioengineering, Forensic Science, Human Genetics, Bioinformatics and Evolution. These modules have been carefully developed and vetted over the past four years in collaboration between Stanford University and local high school teachers. Each of the modules can be implemented in a one week curriculum and has been enormously popular and successful with the students at the local high schools. In addition, the lab modules are aligned with the new AP Biology Curriculum Framework. The laboratory modules are designed to actively involve the students in cutting edge laboratory exercises and challenge the student’s with inquiry driven problems. These modules also provide opportunities for participants to make strong connections with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Common Core State Standards.
Our goal is to provide laboratory modules that can be performed during the school year for AP biology students. Towards that end, we will work to make sure that each high school has the necessary materials and equipment for each laboratory module. The laboratory modules are designed so that they are easy and inexpensive to perform. Should certain high schools require materials or equipment that they do not already have, we will seek additional support either from this program or from local educational support groups. During the five day institute, teachers will have ample time to explore the laboratory modules as well as time in small groups to discussion implementation and concerns in their given context.

Cost: The cost for participation is only $150 per teacher. Continuing Studies Units will be available for an additional fee of $75 for those who are interested.

Applications can be found here.