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stuart Stuart Kim is a Professor of Developmental Biology and Genetics at Stanford. Since 2008, he has worked with local high schools to help develop new labs for AP Biology. He teaches Genetics and Personalized Medicine to PhD and MD students. His research involves understanding the mechanisms of aging, in humans and in a rapidly aging model system, the nematode C. elegans.
Mike Mike Cherry is a Professor of Genetics at Stanford. His research is applying bioinformatic tools to the creation of online databases. This includes a database on the budding yeast Saccharomcyes cerevisiae. He teaches a class on Genomics to PhD students that includes basic programming.
Katherine Katherine moser  has taught AP Bio exclusively for the past 10 years at Gunn high school in Palo Alto.  She retired from classroom teaching in 2013, but continues to tutor privately and substitute-teach.
elliot Elliot Owen is a rising senior at Crystal Springs Uplands school who is keenly interested in the pure and applied sciences. While he currently proposes, performs and analyzes biology experiments in the Kim Lab, he spends his free time working on his own electronic experiments and biking with friends. Some of his projects can be found on his blog: http://elliot.tribarstudios.com/
Andrew Andrew Roos is a graduate student at Stanford. He is an accomplished triathlete.
Barry Dr. Barry Starr received his Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Oregon and did his postdoctoral work with Dr. Keith Yamamoto at UCSF.  After that he went on to work in the biotech industry before embarking on his current career as science educator.  For the past ten years he has worked with The Tech Museum in San Jose, Overfelt High School, KQED’s QUEST program, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to educate and excite the public about genetics.  He’s excited to bring his scientific and educational expertise to AP BioStudio to help train teachers in running these fun and educational programs in their classroom.
greg Greg Chin holds a B.S. in Genetics from the University of California, Davis and a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from Stanford University. He developed new curriculum for high school teachers at the Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium (BABEC). He is currently the Director of Education at the SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit science organization.