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Teacher material for PCR Forensics

This lab will demonstrate how PCR can be used to hunt down the source of a food contaminant. We will use safe materials in a staged re-enactment of Listeria food poisoning. In early 2013, there was an outbreak of Listeria poisoning in Wisconsin in which a certain cheese was found to be contaminated. We will re-enact the PCR forensics hunt where your students will pretend to find the Listeria DNA from several pretend cheese samples.

PCRlab has an introduction to the lab.

PCR lab background information contains background information about how PCR works. You should read this to familiarize yourself with the PCR method.

Gel electrophoresis has an introduction to gel eletrophoresis.

Reagents lists the reagents and solutions needed.

Lab protocol has the materials and methods for this laboratory.

Student analysis has the work sheets.

PCR test tube locator is a sheet that can be used to keep track of the samples in the 96 wells of a PCR machine.