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The royal scientist settled on these six traits: ear wax, hair color, eye color, the ability to taste the chemical PTC, the ability to drink milk as an adult and whether they are a sprinter or long distance runner.  She collected information about these traits from all eight women who could be Cinderella.
Your job is to figure out Cinderella’s traits and match them to one or more of the eight women.  Whoever matches at all six is most likely Cinderella.  The prince can then do a genetic test to confirm that he has found his one true love.
You can figure out Cinderella’s traits using her DNA file here.  Here is what you need to do: 
At the top of each description in the table below is an Rs number.  You want to copy that number (Control C with a PC, Apple C with a Mac).

Then go to the text file and use the find function to find the one you are looking for.  On a PC this is control F and on a Mac it is Apple F.  This will take you to the Rs you are interested in.

Then you see what the two letters are next to that number.  From that you can get the physical trait.
Imagine that you did this for earwax and came up with a CT.  What would that mean about her earwax type? 
Do this for every trait and write down the trait predicted from the DNA file. Then look at each of the girls, and guess which one fits Cinderella's profile the best.

Trait Name Cinderella's trait

Ear Wax



 Now that you have your list of Cinderella’s traits, let’s see which of the eight women might be Cinderella.  Click here to see their traits.